About IMTB

Welcome to It’s My Thing Boutique

Hi I’m Darlene Brown, the owner of It’s My Thing Boutique located in Southern California where the locals enjoy the sun, beach, outdoors and great wine :-)

I am a mother of two beautiful children who enjoys a career as a fashion stylist, hobbies as a gardener, and gives back to the world through volunteering in various ways.  My grandmother was my greatest fashion inspiration. She was a statuesque  woman standing at 5’11 with curves; this was her inspiration to becoming a fantastically talented seamstress.  She loved designing and making fashionable clothing and home decor - this must be where I got it from :-)  In my youth, I would make clothes for my dolls and stuffed animals - they were a stylish picky divas! In my teen years, I developed a knack for finding unique and eye-catching items from clothing, jewelry to nik-naks in the most unexpected places. People often ask me “Where did you find that?” or “Can you get one of those for me?” or “Can I go with you next time you go shopping?” I become somewhat of a personal shopper for those closes to me. Showing people how to put together individual pieces of clothing to create a fabulous look for their body style and personality is as much fun as eating chocolates...well, almost. Chocolate is the best!

I was inspired to start It’s My Thing Boutique as homage to my grandmother and our connected love of fashion and finding great deals. Why did I choose the name “It’s My Thing Boutique” you ask? Well, I wanted to capture in a statement, a person who is interested in fashion as an expression of self and not necessarily mainstream. I am creating a place where people find clothes that make statements.

We're a resale clothing store that carry new clothing, purses, and accessories from up and coming labels and local designers. However, we also offer customer returns and stock overflow from major department store wholesalers and designer gently used fashions that were previously owned and are like new.  This is how we are able to provide designer labels up to 70% of its original cost. We have items for men and women looking for great selections at low prices! Some of our inventory has included designer labels such as Free People, Ann Taylor, BCBGeneration, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren, Gap, American Eagle, Coach, Levi's, TopShop, and many many more.

It’s my thing boutique not only believes in the diversity of people, we celebrate it!  

IMTB understand that every person is unique.  Fashion is what makes you - well, you.  So, flaunt those skinny jeans, show off your favorite T-Shirt, strut in your high heels or high tops, add a dash of hobo, and throw in a pinch a vintage for the added touch, and you have a recipe for looking amazing!

IMTB is all about cultivating your unique sense of style.  We are curators of eclectic fashions for women and men who embraces their inner self. We merge street fashion, vintage and hobo chic wear for our It’s My Thing Boutique peeps.  If you have a penchant for shopping, and a natural flair for combining current, hobo and vintage fashionable trends, then you’re an IMTB peep!

Be open-minded! Be free to be you!